Bar at La Valiz - The best platters in Lille

For a well-deserved moment of relaxation

The bar at La Valiz puts the focus on the local origins of its products. Platters of charcuterie or traditional cheeses await you. Why not accompany these snacks with a glass of wine or a traditional local beer?

A pleasant intimate setting

Located opposite Lille Flandres Station, the bar at La Valiz offers you a pleasant intimate setting where you can relax and enjoy the drink of your choice. The ambiance is relaxing and cosy, ideal for time with family or friends!

To quench your thirst

Come and enjoy a great glass of wine or a traditional beer such as Lydéric or Jade from a comfortable seat in our bar with an uninterrupted view of the station. Naturally, soft drinks are also available. What's more, we advise you to try our artisanal pear juice! A treat for the taste buds!

And to eat...

To go with your drinks, we offer you a selection of ready meals in jars by the 'Vrai et Bon' brand. These high-end, artisanal dishes are free of colourings and preservatives and are prepared by chefs Philippe Boucquez and Michel Grobon to spread the word about the terroir of Northern France.

You can enjoy them at any time of the day or night because our room service is available 24 hours a day to ensure your satisfaction!