Les Friteries Meunier - The best chips in Lille

Come and enjoy a great time and everyone's favourite treat: chips! And 'La frite du Nord' in particular, prepared using our family's specialist skills. La Friterie Meunier is now the ambassador for this unmissable potato stick to which it devotes unconditional love!


A Lille and a family tradition, the reputation of Les Friteries Meunier is well and truly established. Our now famous freshly-cooked chips accompany our home-made croquettes, fricadelles and burgers to the delight of young and old alike. Take our word for it, we offer the genuine 'Frite du Nord', crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.


Our products are fresh and our croquettes are cooked to order, prepared to a secret recipe. There's no point in asking, it's a well-guarded secret!


Open 7 days a week and ideally located, we welcome you opposite Lille Flandres Station, on the Grand Place or Place de Béthune. You can enjoy our terraces or welcoming dining rooms at each of our establishments... Tell your taste buds...